After researching photography studios for your E-Commerce Model Photography shoot for your brand, you’ve finally found the studio for you! The stars have aligned, and you’ve booked your studio, photographer, model, make-up artist… But what next? I imagine you’ll have some of these (maybe all these questions) running through your head… What happens on the day? Do I come to the studio? Can I direct the shoot? Do I have

How much does a professional fashion shoot cost?

Checklist when you’re booking model photography As a marketing professional with industry experience in Fashion, I understand the requirements and needs connected to model photography. If you’re just starting out as a fashion brand, jewellery start up, or you’re already established and looking to photograph a new collection, we can help! Here at Flat Frog we really understand what you need to increase ROI through E-commerce, social media engagement and

This year we had the pleasure of shooting one of the most amazing videos to date. The incredibly talented and award winning fashion designer, Richard Quinn. He allowed us into his face paced world in the build up to London Fashion Week. The purpose? To capture his latest creations from his new collection, highlighting how Epson printers helped with bringing his unique designs to life! Having Epson printers in the

Since we launched fashion photography at our Hertfordshire studios in July 2016, its been a roaring success. as with all our work we strived to inject something unique into it  a standard that you couldn’t find anywhere else. we decided to use the same techniques we use to shoot jewellery to give us an incredible amount of detail. allowing clients to zoom all the way into the fabric and see every detail.