When sending your items to Flat Frog please ensure the following:
  • Your items are scheduled to arrive at least one working day before the shoot
  • Your items are in the best possible condition for the shoot. 
  • You provide Flat Frog with the tracking details 
  • You have filled in and sent the shooting brief and info document to Flat Frog (Download link below)
Things to be aware of when shooting your items:
  • Tags and stickers will be removed from your items if necessary to carry out the shooting brief. (If you do not want these removed you must inform Flat Frog in your brief)
  • Jewellery/Product Shoots:
    • Make sure that your items are polished and clean before sending – Failure to do so can effect the quality of your final images
  • Fashion shoots: 
    • Please ensure you are providing Flat Frog with the correct size for your shoot – Failure to do so can effect the quality of your final images
    • Ensure your items are clean and pressed or steamed – Failure to do so can effect the quality of your final images and may incur extra costs 
    • Ensure that in your edit brief that you have included how you would like your garments set. Reshoots for lack of information could result in additional charges being added. 
Image Editing:
  • Flat Frog will edit the images to look like how they do in reality.
  • Fixing manufacturing faults, recolouring and other editing that isn’t what your product looks like in reality comes at an extra cost depending on the work involved. 
  • Naming Images as specific product codes is an additional £1 per image
Amendments and Reshoots:
  • All photoshoots with Flat Frog come with one free round of amendments. (Unless stated otherwise by the Flat Frog Team in writing.)
  • If Flat Frog have to reshoot your items due to a change in the brief you may be charged additional costs however, if Flat Frog have to reshoot as a Failure to fulfil your brief this will be done at no additional cost and at Flat Frogs earliest available time slot.
  • Amendment requests must be sent to Flat Frog within one week after receiving images. 
  • You will be informed of any additional fees and will only go ahead once approved by you.
The return of your items:
  • Your items will be returned after you have received your images. You can either organise collection yourself or request them to be sent back by Flat Frog
  • Your Items will be returned in the same condition as they have been sent down, however destructible packaging will not be reused if unusable 
  • The cost of the return will be added to your invoice. 
  • If you need to cancel or postpone a shoot you must inform Flat Frog ASAP!
  • Cancellations must be made within two business days of your shoot or you will be charged 50% of the value of your shoot.
  • Some services are non-refundable once your shoot has been booked (Models, Make up Artist, On Location Venues etc.