Professional Jewellery Photography and Video

Our Jewellery Photographers have more than 20 years experience in the industry. We know how each gemstone and metal should look. We have combined our knowledge of jewellery with a passion for photography and pioneered unique methods for capturing amazing jewellery images.

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 About our Jewellery Photography

We have worked in the jewellery and photography industry for 20 years, Therefor we know exactly how jewellery should look.

In that time we have developed innovative methods to capture metals and gemstones.

We use mirrors, Image stacking and a number of techniques to capture the perfect image.

Each jewellery photo requires a lot of time and attention.

Firstly, we clean each piece, then we stage it in our studio.

Secondly, because every stone and metal type responds differently to light, we make adjustments until we get the best out of each element of the jewellery.

After that we use mid format cameras and a system called ‘photo stacking‘ to capture the detail from front to back.

This means we take up to 20 separate images.

We then use a piece of software to combine all the images, This creates one razor sharp image!

Finally each image is sent to our editors to be cut out and edited to perfection. finally creating the perfect jewellery photo.

How do we shoot your items?

The most common question we get asked is ‘how do we get our items to you?’
There are a few ways:
Firstly, You can bring your items to the studio and stay for the shoot. You’re welcome to join us on the studio floor. Or we have a beautiful green room if you need to crack on with some work.

Secondly, you can courier them to us. We will shoot them and then send them back the next day.

In addition If you are unable to be with us  we can send you a DROPBOX link so you can view the images live.

However, if you can’t get to us, we can come to you,
We have a mobile studio that needs around 2 square meters of space. this is a popular solution for many retailers.

For more information or to book a shoot please call our jewellery photographer today

Some of our clients


Every picture consists of up to 30 images taken at different focal lengths, After that the images are combined in our specialist software.

This process creates one razor sharp image. we then work in post-production perfecting each picture.

In conclusion, this is the finest quality of image on the market.


At FLAT FROG our jewellery photographer uses cinema cameras to create sensational detail.

In Addition our jewellery videos can be filmed on a rotating table

It can then be edited to combine various angles, logos and music.

Creative jewellery Photography experts


Jewellery photography with a model can increase conversion rates. However they can be tricky to arrange.

At FLAT FROG we make jewellery model shoots easy.

We can run castings and supply a shortlist based on your brief

In addition we can supply a professional make up artist

Our jewellery photographers can shoot up to 100 images per day, we can then edit your images


Our Jewellery Photographers pride themselves on their creativity, Therefor we can offer great ideas and concepts for your shoot, weather you’re thinking of photographing necklaces, photographing earrings or photographing rings, we can help

In addition the studio has a wide range of backgrounds and textures plus a large collection of props.

However, if you are looking for something particular we can source props and backgrounds for you..

Above all, If you have any questions you can chat to our jewellery photographer today



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