How do we make such awesome jewellery videos?

We have spent our lives working in the jewellery and video industry, so we know exactly how jewellery should look, but most importantly, we know how to make it look that way.

The company founder and director James Russell began his career in the jewellery industry almost 20 years ago and has extensive knowledge of the industry, he has managed jewellery shops, designed and launched jewellery ranges and even worked as a presenter on various UK Jewellery TV channels

James combined his knowledge of jewellery with his passion for videography to pioneer numerous techniques for shooting jewellery. From mirrors to lens concealment we incorporate all manner of techniques and equipment to create the perfect video.

As every item responds best to a slightly different light set up we adjust our lighting, dazzle bulbs and mirrors until we are getting the best out of the stones and metal tones. We then use 4k video cameras and macro lenses to capture the movement in spectacular fashion.

Each video is then carefully edited to perfection. we can can then add things like music or a logo and URL, we can also make the videos social media ready and export them as a square rather than a rectangle and compress them so they stream perfectly even with poor broadband


The most common question we get asked is ‘how do we get our items to you?’ Well, there are a few ways:

Firstly you can personally bring your items to the studio and stay for the shoot, you’re welcome to join us on the studio floor where you can help direct the shoot. Or we have a beautiful green room with WIFI if you need to crack on with some work. (We also have Netflix if you’d prefer to catch up with a series )

Secondly, you can courier them to us. We will shoot them and then send them back the next day. All by insured special delivery.

If you are unable to be with us for the shoot we can send you a remote viewing link where you can view the images live. You will be able to see exactly how we are shooting each item, and if you have any issues with angles or staging you can simply call or message the studio. We can then adjust it for you there and then.

Finally, we can come to you. We have a mobile studio that needs around 2 square meters of space to set up in. This costs a little more but is a popular solution for many retailers who are unable to take the items out of the shop for a whole day.

For more information or to book a shoot please call or email the studio today

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