So impressed with the event Photography By James at Flat Frog , the images where creative and engaging and beautifully shot. 

 Event Photography By Flat Frog

At FLAT FROG we bring genuine enthusiasm to every commercial photography project.

For us photography isn’t just a job it’s our lifelong passion. We live and breath it and thrive on its creative possibilities. With each new project, we strive to go beyond the expectations of our clients, so we can deliver something truly exceptional.

Whatever you’re project, weather its a product launch, an exhibition, an award ceremony or . live event we will deliver you a set of stunning images that perfectly capture it

If you’re lacking the inspiration or unsure what you’d like, we are here to help. Our photographers are a creative bunch, who can work with you to think up some great ideas. Or we can refine existing ones. However, we are also happy to work to the specifics of your brief and create your vision for you. Either way we will be in constant communication throughout to ensure your content is exactly how you would hope it to be.

If you are looking to promote your company and looking for ideas on how to do so, look no further! Flat Frog have the experience and skills to help push your brand to the next level. Our team of experienced and creative photographers are able to work directly with you to create a vision.






Event Photography by flat frog

Why choose Flat Frog for your event photography?

Firstly because we absolutely love photography, in fact we live and breathe it. Even when we are on our days off we have a camera in our hands. Because of this passion we go above and beyond and shoot a range of images that perfectly capture the look, feel and emotions of an event.

Secondly, we are incredibly creative bunch who are always looking to find exciting new angles and ways of composing photographs. We don’t just provide a set of pictures; we provide an artistic set of highly imaginative pictures

Finally we combine our passion for photography with a love of technology. We use the very latest 50 mega pixel cameras along with prime lenses to generate the sharpest most vibrant images possible

More than just Images

Chances are you will want to celebrate the success of your event across social media platforms, here at Flat Frog we can help you take this to the next level.

We specialise in creating highly sharable social media content packages, as well as beautiful still images we can also create short form social content videos along with eye catching cinemagraphs. All of which combine beautifully into a single content packages that perfectly captures the feel, tone and style of your event

For more information about our social content packages click here

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