Why you need Jewellery Model Photography

You spend a lot of time, effort and money driving traffic to your website. Therefore capitalising on each and every visitor is essential.

The single best thing you can do to increase your conversion rates is to add model shots, having model shots on your website can increase your conversion rates by as much as 80%.


Photographing jewellery is probably the hardest thing to photograph. ,Jewellery Model Photography is even harder, therefore here at FLAT FROG we have developed techniques that allow both the jewellery and the skin tones to look sensational.

Every image is then carefully edited by our in-house team to ensure your final image is perfect.

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Arranging a model shoot

For many of our clients the issue has always been the logistics of organising a model shoot. There are so many elements that have got to come together. Just picking a model can be a nightmare!

Then dealing with agencies, and negotiating usage rights. Then you need to consider a makeup artist, a photographer, a studio and finally, the editing. Many people decide not to bother, or do it themselves. Which can end up looking unprofessional and messy.

Here at FLAT FROG we make it simple. Because we’ve been doing this for a long time, we’ve built up relationships with a London Modelling Agency as well as many professional Make-Up Artists.

We offer a complete end-to-end service for model photography.

We can provide you with a selection of professional jewellery models to choose from. Arrange a brilliant make up artist AND we have editors ready to ensure your images look perfect.  Our aim is to make it as straight forward and enjoyable as possible.

Model Hire

First of all, let us know the look you want and we will supply a shortlist that matches your brief.

Secondly, there are no usage fees if you have hired models through our agency. If you find a model and go through another agency you’ll have to pay for the right to use your images again after 12 months, or on a different platform or in a different country.

With us there is none of that. The images are yours to use as long as you want.

Make up artists

We have several professional make up artists that we work with on a regular basis, and will ensure that they create your desired look.

Fashion Model Photography

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