One of the most amazing videos we have had the pleasure to work on this year. the incredibly talented and award winning fashion designer allowed us into his fast paced world in the build up top london fashion week. the purpose? to capture the creation of his new collection and highlight how Epsons printers help bring his unique designs to life. the final catwalk show and reveal was pretty awesome.

i cant believe we have been in our new studios for almost 6 months. the time has just flown by us. we needed to find a bigger space to be bale to keep up with the volume of work that was coming to us. we looked for the best part of 12 months then out of the blue got the chance to actually purchase our own premises. a pretty proud moment

When you finally arrive at the point where you are ready to launch your product you inevitably get excited! after all the months or even years of work you finally get to introduce your product to its potential customers. its usually at this point people contact us to help produce a video. at the end of the day there is no amount of words that can convey what a Product

We are currently running a casting for 4-6 year olds to feature in a fun online travel video for Holiday Hypermarket’ The video will see several adorable children answering fun and silly questions about their latest holiday. We are looking to cast confident, chatty, bubbly children with lots to say about their hols We are big believers in casting locally so ideally are looking for people who live in and

Want to make a video go viral? The holy grail of video marketing is achieving ‘viral’ status, this is when your video gets such widespread organic shares it achieves critical mass and EVERYONE is talking about it! These simple steps will help you on the way to achieving exactly that. click on any of the images to view viral adverts made by FLAT FROGWant to know more? – get in touch

How to write the perfect video marketing script   It’s easy to focus so much time on figuring out how to shoot and edit the perfect video that one of the key parts of the planning gets rushed or overlooked – the script. A video script is where your goals are played out, where your concept really comes to life, and writing an effective script is the difference between having

How to use video to drive e-commerce   As marketers search for more innovative ways to attract new audiences, video has become a must-have tool. Statistics suggest that video accounts for 74% of all online traffic and the demand for it has increased at a rapid pace. For an eCommerce business, videos- in particular product videos-have an incredible ability to increase conversions. In fact, according to Kissmetrics viewers are anywhere

Here at flat frog films we are a creative studio that serves a great number of industries and sectors, one of our main clients though is the jewellery industry. we have specialised in high end jewellery photography and video for a number of years now so its always exciting to be able to make promotional videos like this one. our idea is that jewellery is about romance and elegance, so

Its always a great experience pulling footage together to update your showreel, its so easy to forget all the awesome things you have done over the year. in the last 12 months we have made some cracking stuff. from amazing viral video adverts shot at old air fields, to super cool cinemagraphs  and 360 videos. anyway. cast your eye over what we do. if you want more information feel free

Ww can say with absolute certainty this was the best lunch any of the crew have ever had at a shoot, it was sensational, although the downside was nobody wanted to carry on shooting after lunch, we kind of just wanted a bit of  a nap, but as you can see we got our second wind and captured some beautiful HD video of this brilliant company