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Fashion Model Photography

Adding Fashion model Photography to your website can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%. That’s pretty compelling right? The same amount of people visit your site, but you sell up to 80% more ..

In our research customers view model imagery as being more genuine than packshot images. Sometimes people feel packshots can be edited and adjusted, but modal shots are more natural, and so they have more faith in them.

Also, and more obviously, people want to see how your garments will look when worn. They want to see how it will hang and move so they can imagine how it will look on them.

Fashion Model Photography

Arranging a model shoot

For many of our clients the issue has always been the logistics of organising a model shoot. There are just so many elements that have to come together. Just picking a model can be a headache, dealing with agencies, negotiating usage rights,  getting shortlists, then there’s the makeup artist, the photographer, the studio and the editing. Unsurprisingly many decide not to bother.

Here at FLAT FROG we make it simple. We offer a complete end-to-end service for model photography, from providing professional fashion models and make up artists to fully editing your images. Our aim is to make it as straight forward and enjoyable as possible.

Remote Viewing

Garments Steamed

Bespoke Lighting

Pro Cameras

Quick Turnaround

Fashion Model Photography


We have done all the legwork here for you. We have hand selected a broad range of stunning catwalk models, all of whom are both professional and experienced, plus we have negotiated their rates so you can be assured your getting the best deal possible. Simply let us know the look you want and we will supply a shortlist that matches your brief.

Most notably there are no usage fees when you book a model through FLAT FROG. If you have hired models through an agency before you will know that in addition to the model fee, they also add a usage fee which can vary depending on how the images are intended to be used, which platforms the images will be used on, and if you intend to use them in multiple countries. This fee is also required to be renewed each year that you intend to use the images also. With FLAT FROG we have no usage fees, once you have your images, they are yours to be used as long as you wish.

Make up artists

We have teamed up with some of fashions most exciting make up artists and hair stylists so that we can help you create a look that makes your images stand out. our MUA’s will work closely with you to understand the exact look you want and be on hand throughout the shoot to touch up both hair and make up

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