Prices start at just £4 per fully edited image!

We specialise in high quality invisible mannequin images, which are shot on our specially designed mannequins, these have 22 removable parts, which allow us to see both the interior and exterior of garments,this means we can capture your items in a truly revolutionary way.

Each image is then individually cut out to maintain colour accuracy, and edited  to perfection by our team of professional fashion editors. we can add things like drop shadows or even reflections to give your images a unique feel to them

If you are unable to be at our studio on the day of the shoot, don’t worry we will provide you with a dropbox link in the morning, and each image we shoot will be uploaded directly to our shared folder, allowing you to see and approve images the second they are shot

All garments are carefully steamed and set by our studio assistants before shooting and images can be saved in any crop size and with product numbers if needed.

For more information or to receive an instant quote please get in touch. we always have promotions running so ask what deals we have right now