Checklist when you’re booking model photography

As a marketing professional with industry experience in Fashion, I understand the requirements and needs connected to model photography. If you’re just starting out as a fashion brand, jewellery start up, or you’re already established and looking to photograph a new collection, we can help! Here at Flat Frog we really understand what you need to increase ROI through E-commerce, social media engagement and strategies.

Rallying up the components for a model shoot can be extremely time consuming. We can ensure your model photography will be stress free for you and make this process as easy as possible.

Here’s a check list for you of what you need to consider when getting ready for the next step on your journey:

  • Set a date for the photoshoot
  • Find a photography studio
  • Find a model
  • Source a Make-up Artist
  • Sourcing props
  • How to style your garments
  • Backgrounds

The list above looks like a hefty task in itself, trying to get everything ready for a photoshoot doesn’t it? Let alone the costs involved, and then trying to organise all of the same aspects for the same date!

We can reduce this list down to ONE… All you need to do is the first bullet point on the list. Set a date. The rest we can do! How much easier does that sound?

Find a photography studio

We have a beautiful photography studio located in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. You’ll have the whole studio to spend the day in, kitted out with a mini kitchen and green room at your disposal. (We also have Netflix, a coffee machine and a fully stocked mini fridge ;))

We’re away from the hustle and bustle of London, at the end of the MET line. Our studio is just a stones throw from beautiful forests, where we can take some lifestyle shots thrown in. 

Our team of photographers are in constant contact with our model agency Casting Direct to book models. So we can send you a link and you can browse the models, then decide who will work out best for your brand. t

Source a make-up artist

We have been doing model photography for over a decade, so we have a library of make up artists at your disposal. Editorial, wedding, fashion and beauty! We regularly use the ex creative director of Bobby Brown who works with us to create amazing concepts.

Do you need props?

Sometimes you need something extra in the background, or more of a lifestyle shot. We can help source these items for you. We have a lot of props here at the studio already, but if you require something a little more different we can source it for you.


We have a variety of colourama backgrounds that you have a choice of. However, if we do not have the colour that you need we can get this in for you. We also have a variety of wooden panels, oxidised copper, marble and a variety of other backgrounds for you to choose from.

Why you need model photography

There are statistics that prove model photography gains higher interest and engagement, as consumers are able to visualise what the item look like on the body.

If you’re looking to get your fashion or jewellery photographed on a model, please contact us today for a quote, or a quick chat about what you’re looking for!

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