Fashion photography specialists

If you really want your garments to stand out online – we can help. Here At Flat Frog we are E-commerce fashion photography experts, we understand fully what a crowded and competitive marketing you operate in, and know exactly how to create imagery that gets your range noticed

To us, capturing the quality, true colour and personality of your items is absolutely essential, this is why we have pioneered countless techniques which enable us to provide you with the very best images possible. From specially designed mannequins to bespoke lighting systems and dedicated edit teams. Through Every step of the process we have developed methods that raise the bar even higher

Our main Fashion photography products

Live model packshots

Invisible mannequin packshots

Fashion Catwalk videos

Flat fashion shots

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Invisible mannequin

Not all invisible mannequin images are the same. Here at Flat Frog we have developed our own invisible mannequins, each with 22 removable parts. This unique feature allows us to create really incredible images

By removing the chest, stomach and inside legs we are able to show the lining of a garment like never before. Creating amazing images that grab the attention and stand out from the crowd.

Each image is then carefully edited. removing any unwanted creases and ensuring perfect symmetry,

Live Model photography

Bringing together a make up artist, stylist, photographer and model can be a time consuming and expensive process. Here at Flat Frog we provide an end-to-end service making it as simple and easy as possible

We can provide a wide range of professional catwalk models for you to select from, as well as offer award-winning make up artists and stylists. Then we just charge per garment meaning you don’t have to worry about studio time.

You can view the shoot from our gallery, conference suite or remotely using our digital links.

Customer experience

From the second you book your shoot to the moment we deliver your finished pictures we strive to offer a level of service that is second to none. We communicate constantly through the process, giving you instant access to images as they are shot and presenting you with samples and mock-ups to approve. If you have any issues our studio team are always on hand to help and assist

Remote viewing service

if you are unable to make it to the studio for the shoot, dont worry – we can offer you the next best thing. On the morning of your shoot we will send you a digital link, then, every item we photograph for you will be instantly uploaded to that link, if you don’t like an angle or the way something is set you can either comment on the image or simply call the studio and we can re shoot it. All at no extra cost.

Quick turn around times

The quicker you can get your images the quicker you can start selling your garments. We absolutely understand this and have developed systems, which enable us to turn around your pictures quickly and efficiently. We even offer a 24-hour express service for those instances where time truly of the essence.

Steaming and setting

Great care is taken by our studio team to ensure your garments look as pristine as possible. So weather we are shooting on live models or on our mannequins, each item is professionally steamed, or if required ironed and starched before being se