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At FLAT FROG our background is in jewellery, with more than 20 years experience in the industry we know exactly how each gemstone and metal should look.

We have combined our knowledge with a passion for photography and pioneered several unique methods for capturing jewellery images and video in a way never seen before.



Our photography is called ORP. Each picture consists of up to 30 separate images that are taken at slightly different focal lengths. They are then sewn together in our software programme, creating one super high-resolution razor sharp image. We then work extensively in postproduction fine tuning and perfecting the picture. It is without doubt the finest quality of image available on the market.


Our videos are shot with professional cinema cameras and 4k prime lenses allowing for sensational detail and colours. They are shot on our rotating turntable with a background of your choice

Each video is then carefully edited bringing together different angles, company logos and even music (if required)


  • full size backdrops
  • lightbox facilities
  • Comfortable image viewing areas
  • Conference area
  • Full screen studio
  • Light box studio
  • Snacks and refreshments area



Model photography has been shown to double conversion rates for ecommerce retailers, but it can be extremely expensive and difficult to organise. At FLAT FROG we make model shoots easy and straightforward.

We run professional castings for you based on your brief and supply a shortlist of suitable candidates for you to choose from.

We also supply a professional make up artist to create looks based on your brief

We shoot is super high res at our purpose built studios in Hertfordshire where you can either join us for the shoot, or we can send you running shots through out the day

We can generally shoot up to 100 images in a single days shoot and provide all images fully edited with full permanent global buy out rights.


We pride ourselves in our creativity when it comes to lifestyle and group shots, we have a wide range of backgrounds and textures and a vast collection of props. If you are looking for something particular we can source props and backgrounds for you.

All images are shot using our ORP photography and we provide all images from the days shoot fully edited

Some of Our Clients


How do we take such amazing pictures of jewellery?

We have spent our lives working in the jewellery and photography industry, so we know exactly how jewellery should look, but most importantly, how to make it look that way.

Over the years we have developed innovative methods to perfectly capture each piece. From mirrors to intricate image stacking, we incorporate all manner of techniques and equipment to capture the very best image

This inevitably means each photograph takes a lot of work. Firstly, we clean each piece meticulously, then carefully set and stage it in our studio, as every stone responds differently to light, we carefully adjust our lights and mirrors until we are getting the best out of each piece

We then use mid format cameras, pro macro lenses and clever system called photo stacking to capture the detail from front to back. This basically means we take up to 20 separate images at different focal points. we then use a piece of software to sew them all together, creating one razor sharp image.

Each image is then sent to our editors to be carefully cut out and edited to perfection. smoothing metal tones, cleaning up tones and making each item look absolutely sensational

How do we shoot your items?

The most common question we get asked is ‘how do we get our items to you for photography’? Well, there are a few ways:

Firstly, you can personally bring your items to the studio and stay for the shoot, our secure purpose built studios are located in the stunning Hertfordshire countryside and have ample parking right outside the door.

We also have a comfortable seating area along with viewing screens so you can see the shots as they are taken, we also have WIFI and desks if you need to crack on with some work

Secondly, you can courier them to us, we will shoot them then send them back the next day. All by insured special delivery.

If you are unable to be with us for the shoot we can send you a DROPBOX link and upload all the images we shoot to that link as we take them. This way you can see exactly how we are shooting each item, if you have any issues with angles or staging you can simply call or message the studio and we will adjust it for you there and then

Finally we can come to you. We have a mobile studio which needs around 2 square meters of space to set up in. this costs a little more but is a popular solution for many retailers unable to take the items out of the shop for a whole day

For more information or to book a shoot please call or email the studio today

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