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Why shoot your jewellery on a model?

Its no secret that Jewellery is meant to be worn, although we can create beautiful creative images, at the end of the day it was designed to sit on someone’s finger, around their neck and on their wrist. Its little wonder then that adding model shots to your website increases conversion rates dramatically. Its how your customers will wear it and absolutely how they want to see it

In our research customers view model imagery as being much more honest than jewellery packshot images, they feel its more of an accurate representation – where as sometimes they feel packshots can be edited and adjusted modal shots are more real, and so they have more faith in them

Although we display jewellery in some weird and wonderful ways in our creative photography, the person actually buying it plans to display it on their body, on their wrist, their finger, or around their neck, actually seeing the item on a model gives them a much cleaner idea of how it will look on them, how it will sit or how it will hang.

Arranging a model shoot

For many of our clients the issue has always been the logistics of organising a model shoot, there are just so many elements that have to come together. Just picking a model can be a nightmare, dealing with agencies, negotiating usage rights getting shortlists, then there’s the makeup artist, the photographer, the studio and the editing. Unsurprisingly many decide not to bother

Here at FLAT FROG we make it simple. We offer a complete end-to-end service for model photography, from providing professional jewellery models and make up artists to fully editing your images. Our aim is to make it as straight forward and enjoyable as possible.

Need more information or just a quick quote? Call 0203 8702768 or email
make up artist doing professional make up of young woman

Models and Make up artists

We have done all the legwork here for you. We have hand selected a broad range of sensational jewellery models, all of whom are both professional and experienced, plus we have negotiated their rates so you can be assured your getting the best deal possible. Simply let us know the look you want and we will supply a shortlist that matches your brief

Most notably, there is no usage fees if you have hired models through an agency before you will know all about usage fees. Having to pay for the right to use your images again after 12 months, or on a different platform or in a different country. With us there is none of that. The images are yours to use as long as you want

Make up artists

We have several make up artists we work with on a regular basis; all are fully trained and will create the exact look you want


Photographing jewellery is probably the single hardest thing to photograph, trying to shoot it on a model makes it even harder.

Here at FLAT FROG we have developed techniques that allow both the jewellery and the skin tones to look sensational.

Each and every image is then carefully edited by our in-house team to ensure your final image is absolutely perfect

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