Fashion Flat Shots

Weather you want fashion flat shots for your E-commerce site, social media platform or for a print campaign. Flat Frog will create imagery thats helps you will stand out from the crowd. .

With every fashion shoot the first part of the process is to carefully steam and hang each item. Taking care with delicate materials to ensure each piece looks absolutely pristine.

Using a combination of bespoke studio lighting, prime lenses and 50mp full chip cameras we skilfully shoot each item.

Don’t worry if you can’t be at the studio on the day of the shoot. Our team will send you a link to your images which you can view as they are being shot. If you have any issues you can either comment on the image or call or email the studio. This allows us to get the best imagery for your fashion flat shot.


How we work with you to ensure you’re completely happy with your Fashion Flat Shots.

Once your items are photographed our team send them directly to the editing suite to be retouched and edited. We ensure that our turn around times is as quick as possible. The style and amount of editing is down to you. From simple adjustments to extensive augmentation and background replacement, we will edit to your brief, sending sample images for approval along the way.

Finally, once your images have been edited they will be delivered to you digitally in a size and format of your choice, if you need adjustments we have a simple process to ensure they are done quickly and effectively.

For further information on Fashion Flat Shots, or if you would like to book a shoot, please contact the studio today on 01442 231220 or email

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