” Flat Frog’s social media content package saves us time and money’

Social Media Content

Social media is a hungry animal that needs fresh content every day. But finding that fresh content can be a challenge for any business.

At Flat Frog we offer a solution that will save you time and effort, as well as grow your following and increase engagement.

Introducing our social media content packages

Our social media content packages provide you with a library of your own unique content to upload to your social channels every day. You will be able to select from your own stunning images, optimised videos and even cinemagraphs when planning your daily social media post.

The Standard Package Includes


Your Social Media Post

When creating your content packages we can work to your brief and produce content that is unique to your brand. Or tailored images ready for planned campaigns.

If you are struggling with social media ideas, we can help with this. One of our greatest assets is our creativity, and our team of industry professionals have more than a decades experience producing social content. So they can work closely with you to develop ‘on-brand’ concepts that you and your customers will love.

How Long does it take to produce a months content?

We get asked this question a lot, generally we can shoot up to 2 months worth of content in a single day. Our turn around is really quick and you will have your content within a day or two of the shoot

How Do I Get my Content?

We will send you your content via an online dropbox link. we send all images as jpegs, but we can send PS files and other formats if required

Can I come to the social media shoot?

YES! We absolutely love having clients at the studio for their shoot, we honestly believe it will get you a better product if you are here with us, Because nobody knows your product like you do so having you here is literally invaluable


“Having our own bespoke content is making a huge difference”

social media content packages

About our Social Media Content Packages

Our social media content packages are flexible and can be tailored to your exact needs. We can provide them on a monthly or quarterly basis and they can consist of any configuration of images, videos and cinemagraphs.

We recommended client’s start out with our standard package This should give you an insight into what your followers best respond to, and the types of content best convey your message. We can then analyse your posts and create a bespoke package template based on the response

For more information or to arrange a free no obligation consultation please contact the studio today

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