This year we had the pleasure of shooting one of the most amazing videos to date. The incredibly talented and award winning fashion designer, Richard Quinn. He allowed us into his face paced world in the build up to London Fashion Week. The purpose? To capture his latest creations from his new collection, highlighting how Epson printers helped with bringing his unique designs to life! Having Epson printers in the

Jewellery Photography & Videography for Paul James Jewellers Here at Flat Frog Films we are a creative studio that serves a great number of industries and sectors, specialising in jewellery photography. The director began his career in the jewellery industry and has extensive knowledge within this sector, meaning he knows exactly how jewels are suppose to look. Having this background has allowed our clients in the jewellery industry to trust

Its always a great experience pulling footage together to update your showreel, its so easy to forget all the awesome things you have done over the year. in the last 12 months we have made some cracking stuff. from amazing viral video adverts shot at old air fields, to super cool cinemagraphs  and 360 videos. anyway. cast your eye over what we do. if you want more information feel free

well, we really enjoyed making this video for Metafit. anyone who has experienced one of their high intensity workouts will know what its all about. basic excersizes done well to awesome music with not much breaks in between. the classes are around 30 minutes long and by about 10 minutes you are seriously feeling in. as a true professional and dedicated producer james russell (flat frog MD) popped along to Hemel

The latest video produced by FLAT FROG for local air conditioning company BIRDSALL Brief To create a visually stimulating and informative short video which conveys the companies brand message as well as giving easy to understand information about their latest building optimisation service.

Well, being a watch nut i absolutely loved spending a day with the new omega sea master, its the official watch of the new Bond film with Daniel Craig. seriously I WANT ONE !!!