Apr 2014

The THANKS video

Flat frog films the premiere Video production company in Hertfordshire

THE THANKS INITIATIVE is a new initiative set up by Philanthropist Abdullah Saleh to promote generosity and thankfulness around the world. https://www.thanksinitiative.com/ as soon as Abdullah approached us here at FLAT FROG FILMS – HERTFORDSHIRES LEADING CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY .. we all got excited.

The idea was to create a video that would spread THANKS around the internet. a SHORT FORM VIDEO PRODUCTION that would capture the imagination of the people on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. … no easy task..!!

We wanted something honest and true and sincere. something from the heart as a real ‘thanks’ should be. after much debate and lots of pondering. we decided the video needed to be a montage of thanks from the people in our nations capital. if there is a more multicultural city in the world i would love to see it ..

we headed to MARBLE ARCH with Abdullah on a beautifully sunny Wednesday morning and filmed the video. it was such a blast.and really exciting to see people embracing the purpose of the video. we got more thanks than we could ever use in the end and we created a viral that we are really proud of.

hope you like it

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