We had such a great time filming this. we teamed up with acclaimed director John K Webster from PZP and headed over to century 21 studios in Hertfordshire for a real green screen and back light fest lol

We do a lot of MUSIC VIDEOS AT FLAT FROG FILMS but there was a real opportunity to create something with a look and feel of the 90’s. when we started discussing it in pre production we got really excited. we started to reminisce about those bonkers videos from 20 years ago where they didn’t quite understand green screen so the camera just pumped in and out.”pump up the jam” et al lol

We shot using XDCAM against green screen but used some crazy light configurations and a stupid amount of smoke (the alarms went off all day) the filming went as smoothly as ever. apart from the group of lumberjacks who where cutting down the neighbouring forrest – thank goodness we didn’t need audio!

Most of the work, as always with a green screen video was done in post production. we added some cool boris filters and light ray effects to make each clip blast out. i particularly love the slight glow effect that surrounds ESSY in the green screen shots. it looks amazing. and considering the budget – a real triumph.

we are certainly becoming the kings of making great quality budget music videos. it should be played out on Vivo soon. the track is called ‘lights camera action by ESSY and can be purchased on itunes.

the frogs

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