i cant believe we have been in our new studios for almost 6 months. the time has just flown by us. we needed to find a bigger space to be bale to keep up with the volume of work that was coming to us. we looked for the best part of 12 months then out of the blue got the chance to actually purchase our own premises. a pretty proud moment thats for sure. the studio is located in an old victorian power station in Chesham Buckinghamshire. its so cool. with stunning old iron beams going across the high ceilings.

We now have a new green room for our clients to relax in complete with sofa, conference table, 4k TV, mini fridge with refreshments and best of all a Nespresso machine with a stack of craft coffee capsules

In our studio we have a fashion photography area with our own invisible mannequins, a green screen curve and product photography tables\

There is free parking and allocated parking spaces and seriously good wifi


we really look forward to showing around on your next visit

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