We are so excited about our latest documentary. the STRAW MAN. again FLAT FROG FILMS have teamed up with acclaimed director JOHN K WEBSTER of patient zero productions www.patientzeroproductions.com and made a feature length documentary that will make your hair stand on end.

we like to call our documentaries ‘INFO-MENTARIES’ because they are filled with amazing, mind blowing information that gives you a totally new perspective on a subject. and just wait till you see this one !!

STRAW MAN is the much anticipated follow up film to the award winning feature RESONANCE BEINGS OF FREQUENCY. and we feel it does justice to the original.

The film is about the legal fiction, about how the law as we see it isnt the law as we should know it. how we are manipulated by a language called legalese which is spoken by authorities and used against us. the film shows us that we dont have to pay fines, bills debts in the way we are told told. it will be one of the most liberating mind blowing 90 minutes of your life and i can wait for you to see it ..

enjoy the trailer

the truth is coming!

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