You could be forgiven for thinking product photography is pretty simple.  You flick through a website or scroll through your social media and see scores of beautiful pictures of products. It’s easy to take it for granted and think “How hard can it be?”  People come to realise quite quickly that taking lovely product shots is a lot harder than they thought. Obviously my first suggestion if you’re looking for great

Jonathan Lambert jewellers We really enjoyed creating this promotional video for Jonathan Lambert jewellers in Sufflok. Like a lot of jewellers we are talking to at the moment, they wanted to convey the quality and craftsmanship of what they do to potential new customers. The multitude of E-commerce sites selling jewellery has bought with it a wealth of companies selling mass produced poor quality items. Which is fine and there

Well if there is one thing you can count on this summer its the fact you cant count on the weather. but thanks to some terrific lenses and some photography magic we totally made England look like it was experiencing some sunshine. the jewellery photography shoot was great fun as always. utilising some of the great backdrops we have here around our studio. from open fields to manor houses and

We had a great time this week shooting some awesome group shots and videos for icon jewellery company luke Stockley. we are also creating video content as well as some awesome cinemagraphs

It was an absolute pleasure working with absolute pearls this month on a lifestyle shoot at the flat frog studio. we made full use of the amazing locations that are right on our doorstep to create some sensational images for their new website check out for more information check out our dedicated jewellery page is an online jewellery retail store by Satyan Jewellers. Established in 1982 Satyan Jewellers is a family run business serving luxury jewellery to customers for over 30 years in the UK.  Based in London we have served customers from all over UK and abroad and are fortunate to have a customer base that trust our brand, enjoy our service and share our love for jewellery. They have been privileged