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Its always a great experience pulling footage together to update your showreel, its so easy to forget all the awesome things you have done over the year. in the last 12 months we have made some cracking stuff. from amazing viral video adverts shot at old air fields, to super cool cinemagraphs  and 360 videos. anyway. cast your eye over what we do. if you want more information feel free

Ww can say with absolute certainty this was the best lunch any of the crew have ever had at a shoot, it was sensational, although the downside was nobody wanted to carry on shooting after lunch, we kind of just wanted a bit of  a nap, but as you can see we got our second wind and captured some beautiful HD video of this brilliant company

it was a real pleasure working on this amazing project with epson UK. the brief was to capture a cinematic video of a project they had planned with a local school. the project involved the BTEC students at the local Longdean school in Hemel Hempstead designing a colourful car wrap which would feature at EPSONS stand at the NEC exhibition. we filmed at several points through out the project to

These are some of the snaps from one of the studio fashion shoots from our hemel hemspetad photographic studios. the shoot was for a fab fashion label called traffic people. we managed to shoot an astonishing 55 garments in a single day with at least 4 executions of each garment

A couple of snaps from this weeks shoot for the NHS leadership graduation near waterloo bridge in london at the amazing Engineering institute. we shot a montage video with VOX BOX that captured the fun of the party and also the excitment of the graduation, we also created social content in the form of cinemagraphs and shot still images through the night

Well, we had a really great time filming video with the guys at @anytimefitness Hemel hempstead Hertfordshire. our brief was to create a highly sharable 2 minute video that conveyed the various elements of the club, as well as nits atmosphere and style. we decided to shoot a combination of beauty shots and combine them with actual testimonials from members, nothing tells the story of a companies quality better than

We really enjoyed creating this promotional video for Jonathan Lambert jewellers in Sufflok. like a lot of jewellers we are talking to at the moment, they wanted to convey the quality and craftsmanship of what they do to potential new customers. the multitude of e commerse sites selling jewellery has bought with it a wealth of companies selling mass produced poor quality item,s. thats fine and there is absolutely a market


Dec 2016


We where thrilled to be able to donate our services to the amazing team at our local RDA this year. they are located right next to us on the gaddesden estate so it was not exactly far to go. they do really wonderful work using horses and riding to help children with disabilities. speaking with the people there on the day, especially the parents of the disabled children it was pretty obvious

We dont just make content for the sake of making content. here at flat frog we create dynamic innovative content thats highly sharable across all platforms. over the last 12 months we have been producing more and more content specifically for instagram, the platform is amazing. the stats are through the roof for connection and engagement. with many of our clients reporting that 30% of their business is coming directly from