The very best way to show off your jewellery range is with eye-catching imagery. Content that stands out from the crowd and grabs the attention of the audience. With social media, your images will become its own marketing tool as it will be shared again and again by its viewers. Although many of our clients come to us with briefs, many are not sure what they want. This is where

Checklist when you’re booking model photography As a marketing professional with industry experience in Fashion, I understand the requirements and needs connected to model photography. If you’re just starting out as a fashion brand, jewellery start up, or you’re already established and looking to photograph a new collection, we can help! Here at Flat Frog we really understand what you need to increase ROI through E-commerce, social media engagement and

What is a cinemagraph? A cinemagraph is a still image with an element of motion on a seamless loop. As said by Adage the word Cinemagraph stands for part cinema (moving image) and part photograph (static image). They are basically a high quality GIF without the jarred movement! Their inventors New York Fashion Photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphic designer Kevin Burg, describe a cinemagraph as, “an image that contains

Do you need up to date Social Media Content that you can post daily? Flat Frog have recently introduced a brand new service! We now offer a Social Media Content Package! Are you struggling to keep up with the pressure of posting on social media? Honestly, most people are. Statistics agree that you should be posting at least once per day, that it the optimal amount, with a maximum of

Want to make a video go viral? The holy grail of video marketing is achieving ‘viral’ status, this is when your video gets such widespread of organic shares, it achieves critical mass and EVERYONE is talking about it! These simple steps will help you on the way to achieving exactly that. Click on any of the images to view viral adverts made by FLAT FROG. Want to know more? –

Its always a great experience pulling footage together to update your showreel, its so easy to forget all the awesome things you have done over the year. in the last 12 months we have made some cracking stuff. from amazing viral video adverts shot at old air fields, to super cool cinemagraphs  and 360 videos. anyway. cast your eye over what we do. if you want more information feel free

Rixos restaurant We can say with absolute certainty this was the best lunch any of the crew have ever had at a shoot. It was sensational, although the downside was nobody wanted to carry on shooting after lunch, we kind of just wanted a bit of  a nap. But as you can see we got our second wind and captured some beautiful HD video of this brilliant company! If you’re

Epson video It was a real pleasure working on this amazing project with Epson UK. The brief was to capture a cinematic video of a project they had planned with a local school. The project involved the BTEC students at Longdean School in Hemel Hempstead and their project was to design a colourful car wrap, which would feature at Epson’s stand at the NEC exhibition. Epson collaborated with local vehicle

Fashion photography   Fashion Photography in E-commerce These are some of the snaps from one of the studio fashion shoots in our Hemel Hempstead photographic studio. The shoot was for a fab fashion label called Traffic People. We managed to shoot an astonishing 55 garments in a single day with at least 4 executions of each garment!

NHS Leadership graduation This week we went to the NHS Leadership Graduation near Waterloo Bridge in London. We took some beautiful snaps of the Engineering Institute that it was being held at. We shot a montage video with VOX BOX that captured the fun of the party and also the excitement of the graduation. We also created social content in the form of cinemagraphs and shot still images through the