The latest video produced by FLAT FROG for local air conditioning company BIRDSALL Brief To create a visually stimulating and informative short video which conveys the companies brand message as well as giving easy to understand information about their latest building optimisation service.

we really love how this video came out, stunning jewellery, beautiful locations and scenery and amazing cinematography. it all came together to form an amazing brand video for the new Davod Jerone collection

  It was such a pleasure shooting for the Royal historic palaces this week. we shot using our 5DS 50mp camera at out Hertfordshire based photographic and packshot  studio with Raquel Marquez modelling and Lorene our awesome MUA. we had a chocker day and managed to shoot over 100 items before everyone started losing their minds a little lol – some of the items where pretty awesome, some stunning scarfs,

  We are so chuffed with these motion banners for PREMIER DIAMONDS. created as a HTML looped files so they continuously have motion on your webpage. the file sizes are under 1mb too so they dont take nay time to load.

It was a real treat braving the icey weather this week to head into our local woods and grab some awesome jewellery photography shots for French Cavendish jewellery  The sun was beautiful and really low in the sky so we got some really beautiful shots with our model. bless he. she was absolutely freezing, but put on a brave face and cracked on with it.

Here at Flat Frog we pride ourselves on creating awesome content for social media platforms. we have worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands and created some seriously kick ass content. so, it was only a matter of time before we launched our own social media management to ensure that kick ass content gets the attention it deserves. With studios in both Hertfordshire and London we have both the

A Cinemagraph is a living moment in an otherwise still photograph, existing in an exciting world between photography and video. They are artistic, innovative and revolutionary. Taking the worlds of content marketing and web design by storm Their ability to captivate an audience is peerless, whether they are used as breath-taking website banners or highly sharable social media adverts, they grab the attention of the viewer and hold it for