Yes, Video Can Improve SEO Ranking

There are lots of ways to improve your website’s search ranking, but one proven way is to utilise video, by having video on your website you are 50% more likely to feature on the first page of google, and of the top 100 sites on google, 70% have video.

The Internet IS video. Every minute of every day, over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. 100 HOURS. Not minutes. Hours. And as google owns YouTube it makes sense that posting your video on YouTube would improve your ranking – and it does!

In addition to creating videos that are engaging and viral, we are finding more and more companies (just like ESS) want to create and embed video so that Google can index their site and rank it better than their competitors.

If you want to know more about SEO ranking and how video can improve your presence on Google- give us a call or drop us an email – we are happy to help.

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