FLAT FROG FILMS  are thrilled to announce the completion and launch of our very first INFOMERCIAL. with years of experience in teleshopping i guess it was only a matter of time before we produced an infomercial ourselves. it will be broadcasting from the 16th September on sky tv channels TV WAREHO– USE AND THE BOUTQIYE. the product is a super one called AROMAGLOW FLOATING CANDLES and is owned by Sally Moore


In 1994 when travelling in the Far East, Sally came across a rather interesting candle product which she had never seen before and was fascinated and intrigued by it, so much so that when she returned to England she decided to manufacture her own version of it.
She took out an enormous loan and off she went – from finding a tool maker to produce the vacuumed formed floats, to designing the packaging and sourcing all the other components required.  The stumbling part was sourcing the unique long burning wicks; it was very frustrating for her because she had everything else in place and ready to go but desperately needed to find a company to make the wicks!
Months passed by and Sally was getting nowhere, so she decided to get on a place and go back out to the Far East and get them manufactured over there.
Within a few weeks the product was eventually ready to take to the market.  This was the scary part, Sally invested thousands of pounds booking retail shows all over the country from county shows to the Ideal Home Exhibition in London. She set up her display and spent hours, days and months demonstrating to people how the product worked and THANKFULLY THEY LOVED THEM…

After the first very successful year Sally had taken enough money to pay off her loan but was trying to figure out other/easier ways of selling the candles.  She knew she had a great product that people loved but was not sure of how to market them.  Then she had an idea THE SHOPPING CHANNEL on the television.  So she contacted QVC the shopping channel and eventually managed to get a meeting with one of the buyers, she went to their London studio and gave the buyer and his assistant a demonstration and they were so impressed with the product that they placed an order there and then!  A few weeks later Sally did her first live television show and SOLD OUT, she was ecstatic with the result and and continues to sell the floating water candles and many other innovative products on Live TV shopping channels to this very day.

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