We are thrilled to be launching an awesome new service this week here at the award winning FLAT FROG FILMS.

We have had ties with the british jewellery industry for many years and with the move to brand new studio space just around the corner we have launched a service which gets up close and personal with the tiniest of objects.

FLAT FROG MACRO offers the finest quality professional macro cinematography available in the UK. using awesome lenses, superb light rigs, broadcast quality cameras, motion turntables, light box rigs and most importantly expert cinematographers.

At MACRO gems we will be creating stunning 15 second product videos for the jewellery industry. the world is turning its back on still images in favour of video and when it comes to gem stones its about time. our videos capture the beauty of each gemstone in a way seldom seen before by jewellery retailers.

please contact James for more details

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