Nov 2016

Video Production

Video Production at tad

We love working with our pals TAD COMMS over in Watford. This is the second video we have produced for them this year, after the ‘I AM’ product video we shot in the summer.

TAD wanted to showcase their awesome bespoke van fitting service, which involves adding internal bespoke racking, lighting, tow bars and all sorts of essential trade equipment to vans and vehicles.

The process of designing, making and spraying all the aspects of the van is done over a number days and in several locations.

We decided to use a variety of filming techniques to give the video an added dimension. Firstly we set up cameras to time lapse the process, it looks great in the video, although everyone tripped over the camera at least once! We also set up some go pro cams inside the van and used our dolly track and crane to capture the more artistic shots. We shot the majority on the canon c300 cinema camera giving a rich sharp picture for everything. the final product simply needed an authoritative editorial to carry the story. We are really happy with the end results!

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