We all know that Holiday Hypermarket is one of the UK’s leading online travel agencies, specialising in great value package holidays from all leading tour operators. But they are also a company with a real sense of ‘fun’, a great sense of humour and a genuine belief in the value of great video.

Our brief was a pretty simple one in theory – to create a funny, travel themed take on the classic 12 days of Christmas song that would bring a little festive cheer to their social media subscribers. Easy right?

As we weren’t blessed with that most valuable of production commodities, TIME

We knew we had to act fast. SUPER FAST! -We assembled a crack squad of the finest production professionals, all of whom are healthily endowed with a rapier sense of wit, a media beard and at least two of the shiniest brass balls.

Fat was chewed, Dice where rolled, chins where wagged and beards where scratched until eventually we had our eureka moment.

“Lets hire Richard Hardwick cos’ he’s bloody hilarious”

We all agreed and went to the pub. The rest as they say … is history.

As a project it was a hoot to be a part of from start to finish. From trying to teach a celebrated Italian opera singer to sing the words ‘spicy curry’ to watching the team roll around laughing at Richard Hardwick’s brilliant drunk Mexican impression.

In the end it was decided to split the video into 12 parts and release one each day on the run up to Christmas eve. The decision was a belter as the first few videos received more than 30.000 views in a few short days and a terrific response from the online audience.

Anyway. We hope you like it and it makes you smile – enjoy

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