Anytime fitness – hemel hempstead

Our brief for Anytime Fitness was to create a highly shareable 2 minute video that conveyed the various elements of the club, as well as its atmosphere and style.

We shot a combination of beauty shots, and combined them with testimonials of members that go to Anytime Fitness. Nothing tells the story of a companies quality better than those who actually use it, right?

Anytime Fitness wanted to show the variety of their gym, we see the personal training sessions, and state of the art equipment. Not only that, but you see the 1-1 sessions speaking about nutrition and training. Along side the loyal members, and staff who make it all happen.

We started the production pretty early using Dolly and jib shots to capture the entrance to the gym. Shooting on our beloved C100 MK11 cinema camera and using a variety of lenses, from 100mm macro to get amazing depth of field to our trusty 24mm-105mm L series canon lens.

We also provided the client with 2 mini social media versions or teasers of less than 20 seconds. We are thrilled with the result and its fair to say that the client is too.

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