Dec 2016


Rda – riding for the disabled association

We where thrilled to be able to donate our services to the amazing team at our local RDA this year. They are located right next to us on the Gaddesden Estate, so it was not exactly far to go. They do really wonderful work, using horses and riding to help children with disabilities. Speaking with the people there on the day, especially the parents of the disabled children it was pretty obvious that it made a huge difference, not only in the children’s lives, but also the families too.

We shot at their riding center and ventured out into the incredibly scenic woods next to them to, to capture the shots we wanted. We really wanted to speak with all those involved to get different views on this amazing company.

The final video looks great and really captures what the RDA is all about!

“At RDA, our horses and ponies provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to people with disabilities all over the UK.”

“Our network of 500 volunteer groups organise activities such as riding, carriage driving, vaulting, showjumping and Hippotherapy to up to 28,000 people each year.”

“We have been carrying out our life-changing activities for over 40 years, and take great pride in the exceptional standard of our instructors and volunteers (18,000 in all).”

“We offer activities for all age groups and, wherever possible, to people with any disability – and you’re just as likely to find an RDA Group in an urban setting as a rural one”

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