When I chat to people about making content for corporate clients I can see them fighting the urge to roll their eyes as their cringe glands begin to flare.

In fairness, I fully understand why. The general perception about corporate video production is something god-awful. Terrible green screens, shockingly naf presenters and editorial that’s limper than a week old iceberg lettuce.

Essentially – Alan partridge doing a north Norfolk canal boat promotional video – you know the one!

Thankfully though, the days of making that type of video are long gone (for most anyway)

Video production peeps and online marketing gurus have teamed up to create ‘video marketing companies’ Its much sexier and far less likely to trigger a cringe reflex.

Today video marketing companies like us are finding new and innovative ways to use video content to satisfy the viewer’s appetite for video content. We are no longer creating video for videos sake – we are producing intelligent content that measurably drives sales and rapidly increases customer bases.

From highly sharable ‘video quizzes’ to ‘how to guides’ that link directly to companies merchandise page.video marketing is demand driven. quenching the web users thirst for quality content while providing genuinely entertaining sharable videos that deliver a brands message.

And new interactive elements on YouTube which link to external websites are now allowing us to be even more creative with the ways we drive sales though content

basically, Video is taking online marketing by storm and we are only just skimming the surface.

The demand for video is growing at an extraordinary rate

Year on Year You Tubes views are up 50% and the number of hours people are watching videos has doubled. There are more than 300 hours of content uploaded each minute and more than a billion views each day.

In a recent pole by Vanity magazine teenagers listed major you tube creators as more popular than mainstream celebrities and 65% of you tube views come from mobile devices.

Its impossible to know what the future holds for video but its clear that anyone with a marketing strategy should absolutely be embracing it.

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