RESONANCE POSTERResonance has caused such a huge stir around the web and on the internet with a mass of reviews from documentary sites and online blogs.  This one is from a source I really respect, Video Librarian.

Are artificially created radio waves killing honeybees?

Can cell phone towers cause health problems?

These concerns and others are explored in this documentary that plays like a real-life episode of The X-Files. Starting with the premise that the Earth’s atmosphere has a “frequency” (called the “Schumann resonances,” which are excited by thunderstorms across the globe) that is identical to one created by alpha waves in the human brain, Resonance makes a case that manufactured sources of other frequencies (of greatest concern here: mobile phone technology) are disrupting nature, with health effects ranging from interfering with circadian rhythms to causing cancer.

The interviews included are compelling—some people are so sensitive to emissions that they have created rooms with special shielding (even in the glass) to give them space in their home that is free of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. Others share their experiences related to drastically dropping bee populations and speculate on the possibility of EM as a cause. And some talk about how studies dismissing any possible harm were poorly conducted or funded by companies with a conflict of interest.

Although some scientifically-minded viewers are likely to question aspects of the methodology described here, others will find this to be a solid discussion starter on a controversial topic.

Recommended. Aud: P. (C. Block)
(2012) 88 min. DVD: $24.95. FFF and Patient Zero Films (dist. by Janson Media). ISBN: 978-1-56839-455-3.

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