The Flat Frog team are thrilled to have teamed up with the super cool AD RANK MEDIA to create an awesome series of online programmes for  HOLIDAY HYPER MARKET


To create a series of highly sharable, returnable and lasting content that promotes the core values of the brand while giving the viewer genuine entertainment and value.

The  idea was to take the ‘life hack’ model that has been so successful on social media platforms like face book and video platforms like you tube and create a series of ‘holiday/travel hacks’

They would be short (2 minutes each) so ideal for online audiences and full of content that gives people that “shit – that’s a good idea’ reaction’ and makes them want to share – we called the content ‘social currency’ – essentially the sort of info that you pull out of your pocket in the pub or at work to impress your pals.

After much research and quite a fair bit of testing we came up with a series of 13 holiday hacks.

Some of my favourites

Top 5 tips for avoiding lost luggage

Conquering your fear of flying

Do’s and don’ts for long haul flights

For Our presenter for the series we finally decided on a great up coming online talent in Josh Marshall. And he really did a fab job

Keep an eye out for the first ‘holiday hacks’ coming out online soon.




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