Some exciting news this week. we are working with THE DISCOVERY channel again as they are showing one of our previous documentaries. THE MAN WHO LIVES ON WEE. the film follows Dave as he attempts a 60 day urine fast. thats 2 months of living on nothing but his own pee. I know its pretty gross. but Dave looked absolutely amazing at the end of the journey and although it


Feb 2014

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Hi Everyone, Since we launched the facebook page for RESONANCE BEINGS OF FREQUENCY it has become the home for some amazing discussions on the subjects covered in the film. When I was producing the film I made some great contacts with the people on the front line of this issue and they are very kindly keeping me up to date with any advancements in understanding and research that is taking

Resonance has caused such a huge stir around the web and on the internet with a mass of reviews from documentary sites and online blogs.  This one is from a source I really respect, Video Librarian.