Here at FLAT FROG we have been producing awesome online videos for the best part of a decade. From those 4;3 videos we slowly uploaded to you tube, to the 4k videos we upload today, in that time we have seen some massive changes in trends, equipment, platforms and technology. All of which we have kept in touch with so we can offer our clients our unique combination of creativity and cutting edge technology.

As a group of filmmakers who started out making content for YouTube literally when it first launched, we absolutely believe in the power of video. In its ability to connect, communicate and captivate an audience. Because of this, we don’t just make video for videos sake. With every production we strive to push the boundaries of creativity and technology to create something that exceeds the expectations of our clients

What matters most to us is that you are happy with your production. That you have a product you can be proud of and enjoy sharing with others. We have found the best way to ensure this is to work closely with our clients the whole way through the process, constantly communicating so the final video looks exactly how you knew it would


Concept creation and script writing

Many of our clients come to us knowing they want a video, but not knowing how to go about it or what they want their video to say. For us that’s not a problem. We have years of experience in developing creative concepts for brands that perfectly communicate their message. So weather you are looking to produce viral adverts for a travel pillow or want to educate your customers on how to best hang a door, we can help you with the entire creative process, from concept, to script writing and storyboarding. Working along side you all the way

Video production

Weather we are shooting green screen at our purpose built studios, filming drone footage of your business premises or producing crowd scenes at a castle location – the team here at FLAT FROG are dedicated to delivering video that stands out. We use professional cinema cameras and can offer either HD, 4k or 360 VR filming. Our crew are all BBC trained with at least 5 years experience so you can rest assured your project is in the safest of hands

Getting in touch

If you would like more information about how we can help with your project, or just want to chat and find out what things cost, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We love talking video so at the very least you can get some great information