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About Flat Frog Packshot and Product Photography

Our team of product photographers are extremely passionate about photography. Therefore they bring a huge amount of enthusiasm with each project they are faced with.

For us, photography isn’t just a job, its our passion. We have a creative team that are ready to jump in and help come up with creative ideas and concepts. Because with each new project we strive to go beyond the expectations of our clients to deliver something truly exceptional.

Flat Frog work within many industries, but in particular we specialise in Jewellery, Fashion and Product photography. As a result of this our team have extensive knowledge and experience in producing the most high quality images.

Flat Frog can help regardless of the size of your project. From a large scale print campaign to a social media promotion. Above all we can provide the creativity and photography that will bring your ideas to life!

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Our Product Photography Studio

At our purpose built product photographic studio in Chesham, we can shoot anything from mountain bikes to fine jewellery.

We use state of the art cameras along with innovative techniques to ensure our images are the highest quality. At our studio we also have a broad range of props and backdrops. These include Christmas decorations to vintage books. All of which are at your disposal.

Within a stones throw of our studios are beautiful natural woods and forests, open countryside, dilapidated old buildings. which can make a fantastic backdrop for your shoot.

Above all, we have built up relationships with a number of location companies over the years. So we can offer great rates and a wide range of options if you are looking for specific locations.


Our photography is called ORP. This means that each picture consists of up to 30 separate images that are taken at slightly different focal lengths. They are then sewn together in our software programme, creating one super high-resolution, razor sharp image. We then work extensively in post production to fine tune and perfect the picture. Hence, it being the finest quality of jewellery photography available on the market.


Model photography has been shown to double conversion rates for E-commerce retailers. However, it can be extremely expensive and difficult to organise. At FLAT FROG we make model shoots easy and straightforward.

We have teamed up with a London Modelling Agency who provide professional models at competitive rates. Flat Frog can also supply a professional make up artist to create looks based on your brief.

Invisible Mannequin Photography, Ghost Mannequin photography


We specialise in high quality invisible mannequin images, which are shot on our specially designed mannequins. These have 22 removable parts which allow us to see both the interior and exterior of garments. This means we can capture your items in a truly revolutionary way.

Each image is then individually cut out to maintain colour accuracy, and edited  to perfection by our team of professional fashion editors. We can add things like drop shadows or even reflections to give your images a unique feel to them.


If you are unable to make it to the studio for the shoot don’t worry, we can offer you the next best thing. On the morning of your shoot we will send you a dropbox link, then, every item we photograph for you will be instantly uploaded to that link, if you don’t like an angle or the way something is set you can either comment on the image or simply call the studio and we can re shoot it. All at no extra cost.

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