“Virtual reality video is the new language for content communication”


Virtual reality has injected a new sense of adventure into content marketing, changing the way we experience video content. We are no longer just the audience that are gazing at a screen being told a story. Due to this we can now be transported into the heart of the story and enjoy a viewpoint that gives us total 360-degree freedom.

As a result consumers can now easily view Virtual Reality content on a variety of platforms. Social media giant Facebook provides easy uploads and functions, that allow virtual video to easily become part of your marketing strategy. In addition to Facebook having the ability to allow these uploads, Instagram in comparison has created the same.

Sites like YouTube and Vimeo also make uploading and viewing videos so simple. It can be enjoyed with VR goggles that cost as little as £5. By using the mouse to drag and change your perspective or simply by moving your mobile device around you can see a whole 360 view!

“62% of consumers say they would feel more engaged with a brand that sponsors a VR experience”


As award winning filmmakers and passionate storytellers. We believe Virtual Reality video is the new language for content communication. It brings limitless possibilities and opens new doors to content marketing.

We have had the pleasure of creating virtual reality videos for some of the UK’s leading brands. From the technology sector, to travel and tourism and even fitness!

At Flat Frog we have produced stunning cinematic concepts, that have created a new and exciting world for video marketing! Above all, has boosted this technology into the world of social media.

We offer a full end-to-end service from creative concepts through to production and to final delivery. For a free consultation please contact one of our experts today on 01442 231220 or drop us an email at