“The team at Flat Frog absolutely understand the importance of stand out product photography”


The rapid rise of online shopping has generated the need for stand out product photography. With so much competition on retail platforms it’s essential that your product catches the eye of potential customers.

Here at Flat Frog we have extensive retail background, so we understand how great images can generate great sales. We have worked for almost a decade developing innovative techniques that allow us to capture products in a unique way.

Our most premium method is called ‘ARP’ (augmented reality photography) this technique consists of several images being taken at different focal lengths. Those images are then sewn together in a separate piece of software, creating an image that is razor sharp from front to back. The image is then carefully edited to perfection to create a packshot that literally jumps from the page.


Originally Victorian PowerStation, the Flat Frog studio provides a sensational bright space for your product photography shoot.

We have allocated parking and are located just 5 minutes from the metropolitan line station. We have a large comfortable green room with coffee making facilities along with large viewing screens and comfy seating and a studio floor that boasts state of the art equipment.

We have a 2.75m drop down curve for large items and model shoots, product photography tables and macro light boxes for jewellery. you are welcome to join us in the studio for your shoot or relax in our green room and watch the shoot on our viewing screens.



STEP ONE Consultation

Photography is a subjective business, so its essential to have communication with our clients throughout a shoot. Before we begin photography we will work with you to produce a detailed brief of exactly what you want us to deliver.

STEP TWO Understanding the material

With each and every product we photograph we create bespoke lighting set up that illuminate the product in the most perfect way possible. To do this we need to understand the material and how it reacts to light, so we conduct a variety of lighting tests to establish how best to shoot the items.

STEP THREE Lighting set up

We have a wide range of lighting setups at our studios. Once we have established the best way of shooting we will then set about constructing a lighting set up and photographic table that will give us the best results.


Each of our photographers works with professional studio assistant, its their job to ensure each item we shoot is looking pristine and perfectly set for photography

STEP FIVE – Camera set up

We pride ourselves on our ability to precisely capture and represent colour, to do this we fine-tune our camera settings for each shoot to ensure absolute precision in our images.

STEP FIVE – Editing

As standard we produce sample images from your shoot for approval. This ensures we are still on brief and you are happy with the final images we create.

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