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The Perfect Photo of Jewellery

A great Photo of Jewellery can be incredibly difficult to capture well. Taking a picture of something small and shiny is hard enough.

Because trying to capture the shine of a precious metal, quality of a gem or scintillation of a diamond is incredibly tricky. Even for the most experienced photographers.

To take a great photo of jewellery you not only need to be an experienced photographer, you need to understand jewellery. This is what sets us apart from the rest.

Because founder James Russell has more than 20 years’ experience in the jewellery industry. Not only is he a GIA certified jeweller, but he has also run multiple jewellery stores. Launched jewellery ranges and has even been a presenter on a UK jewellery-shopping channel.

James has combined his in-depth knowledge of jewellery with a passion for photography to produce exquisite jewellery photography like no other.

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ORP technology

In order to gain maximum sharpness from front to back, we need to take more than just one photo. Our ORP technique allows us to do exactly that. We take up to 20 images at different focal lengths, and then our software seamlessly combines these images to generate 1 single super sharp image with incredible detail.


Editing jewellery photography is a skill in itself. We have our own team of specially trained jewellery photography editors all of whom have at least 3 years’ experience.

Because photography and editing is so subjective, we take great care to ensure we communicate with you throughout the process. From sending you raw images to providing editing samples for approval, we work hard to ensure we are all on the exact same page


A great jewellery packshot doesn’t just show off your product, it can also increase sales. From multi-stacked images to super 8k quality, we can provide jewellery packshots that grab the attention of your customers and genuinely increase conversion rates. Our customer report conversion rate increases up to 100% after we have replaced their existing photography.

Remote Viewing

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How do we get our items to you?

You can bring your items to the studio personally and join us for the shoot, or alternately you can have them couriered to our secure studio and we can send you a remote viewing link to the shoot. This allows you to see the images as they are being shot; it also allows you to comment in real time if you want any adjustments or changes made.

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