At FLAT FROG we  bring genuine enthusiasm to every commercial photography project

For us photography isn’t just a job, its our lifelong passion, we live and breath it and thrive on its creative possibilities. With each new project we strive to go beyond the expectations of our clients to deliver something truly exceptional

What ever your working on, from a large scale print campaign to a smaller budget social media promotion, we can provide the creativity and photography skills to bring it to life

If you are looking for inspiration for your commercial photography projec,t we can work along side your team and help either suggest new concepts or refine existing ones, or we can happily work to the specifics of your brief and create your vision for you. Either way we will be in constant communication throughout ensuring your content is exactly how you would hope it to be

At our purpose built photographic studios in Hemel Hempstead, we can shoot anything from mountain bikes to fine jewellery. We use state of the art camera and lenses along with innovative techniques to ensure our images are the finest possible. We also have a broad range of props and backdrops from Christmas decorations to vintage books – all of which are at your disposal

Within a stones throw of our studios are beautiful natural woods and forests, open countryside, dilapidated old buildings and barns as well as country manor houses

If you are looking for specific locations we have built up relationships with a number of location companies over the years so can offer great rates and a wide range of options

We love talking shop so if you do want to chat through your project, even if its in the very early stages feel free to drop us a line and have a natter

For more information or to arrange your shoot please contact us below

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