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‘Nothing stops traffic on social media quite like a cinemagraph’

Standing out on social media can be a challenge as there is a river of content flowing past. As a result, getting your content seen has never been more difficult.

But what marketers are discovering is that eye-catching content like cinemagraphs is engaging consumers more than videos and still images.

So what is a Cinemagraph?

A Cinemagraph is a living moment in an otherwise still photograph. Allowing for razor-sharp detail to live alongside a looped video. Basically, when a cinemagraph is properly executed it will play infinitely on a perfect and seamless loop.

At first glance, it seems impossible as your eyes will dart between the video and the still image. Then eventually you can work out what’s happening. They are basically a high-quality GIF without the jarring movement!

Their inventors New York Fashion Photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphic designer Kevin Burg, describe a cinemagraph as “an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly”.

Where have you seen them?

Meanwhile, they have been taking the world of content marketing by storm over the last 12 months. So chances are you have already seen them pop up on Instagram or Facebook because they are becoming more and more popular. The likes of Puma, Balenciaga, Netflix, Apple Music, etc are all on board with this new fad. Many other brands are following suit, and it won’t be long till other larger brands will be using them too.

They have without a doubt got the ability to captivate an audience and engage with them. Whether they are used as a website banner or social media advert, they grab the attention of the viewer and hold it for longer than a still image!

Here at Flat Frog, we combine creativity with innovation to produce imaginative, and visually stunning cinemagraphs. Due to this, they convey your brand message in a fresh and unique way.

But don’t worry if you are short of ideas! As we have made thousands of cinemagraphs and know what will and won’t work. We’re also a creative bunch who can offer visual suggestions on what will work with your product or service. The engagement on your social and website pages will increase significantly compared to the still images.

Our cinemagraphs can be created in either HD or full 4k depending on how you will use it. We can also advise on uploading, keywording and how to share your content.

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Need more information or just a quick quote? call 0203 8702768 or email

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