Want to make a video go viral? The holy grail of video marketing is achieving ‘viral’ status, this is when your video gets such widespread of organic shares, it achieves critical mass and EVERYONE is talking about it! These simple steps will help you on the way to achieving exactly that. Click on any of the images to view viral adverts made by FLAT FROG. Want to know more? –

How to write the perfect video marketing script It’s easy to focus so much time figuring out how to shoot and edit the perfect video, that one of the key parts of the planning gets rushed or overlooked – the script. A video script is where your goals are played out, where your concept really comes to life. Writing an effective script is the difference between having a good-looking video

How to use video marketing to drive e-commerce As marketers search for more innovative ways to attract new audiences, video has become a must-have tool. Statistics suggest that video accounts for 74% of all online traffic and the demand for it has increased at a rapid pace. For an eCommerce business, videos, in particular product videos have an incredible ability to increase conversions. In fact, according to Kissmetrics viewers are