While Facebook showed -3-percent growth in active users, the behemoth social network’s photo-sharing sister service gained 23 percent in active users. Reddit is the second-fastest growing social site, with a 13-percent increase, followed by LinkedIn at 9 percent. GlobalWebIndex, which is an international marketing research firm, based these numbers on a survey they took from 170,000 users in 32 countries, TechCrunch reported. China’s data was not presented, but its Sina

  Yes, Video Can Improve SEO Ranking There are lots of ways to improve your website’s search ranking, but one proven way is to utilise video, by having video on your website you are 50% more likely to feature on the first page of google, and of the top 100 sites on google, 70% have video. The Internet IS video. Every minute of every day, over 100 hours of video are

We are so excited about our latest documentary. the STRAW MAN. again FLAT FROG FILMS have teamed up with acclaimed director JOHN K WEBSTER of patient zero productions www.patientzeroproductions.com and made a feature length documentary that will make your hair stand on end. we like to call our documentaries ‘INFO-MENTARIES’ because they are filled with amazing, mind blowing information that gives you a totally new perspective on a subject. and