Apr 2014

The THANKS video

Flat frog films the premiere Video production company in Hertfordshire THE THANKS INITIATIVE is a new initiative set up by Philanthropist Abdullah Saleh to promote generosity and thankfulness around the world. https://www.thanksinitiative.com/ as soon as Abdullah approached us here at FLAT FROG FILMS – HERTFORDSHIRES LEADING CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY .. we all got excited. The idea was to create a video that would spread THANKS around the internet. a

We had such a great time filming this. we teamed up with acclaimed director John K Webster from PZP and headed over to century 21 studios in Hertfordshire for a real green screen and back light fest lol We do a lot of MUSIC VIDEOS AT FLAT FROG FILMS but there was a real opportunity to create something with a look and feel of the 90’s. when we started discussing

Life at Flat frog films is always pretty varied. we pride ourselves on being Hertfordshire premiere video production company. chock full of creativity and imaginative concepts for our clients. but today was on a different level – and a bag load of fun too. We where shooting for a viral video concept in central London near Marble arch. the client wanted a video production to capture the imagination of an

It took us nearly 2 hours to get there and more than 4 hours to get back. so its fair to say after all those hours in the worlds slowest traffic we where pretty broken lol. but the interview with Emaan was sensational and worth every inch of road we crawled along. she is an amazing human being with a wonderful story. im so glad we met and i think

Really great shoot today for the ESSY music video titled “Lights, camera Action” the track is awesome .. even after listening to it for the 1000th time lol .. its absolutely bound to be a smash hit – especially in the clubs this summer – the man behind the track ROB E is a huge character too and we think the public are going to love him 😉 The video