How do FLAT FROG create the perfect jewellery photograph?

We have spent our lives working in the jewellery and photography industry, so we know exactly how jewellery should look, but most importantly, how to make it look that way.

Over the years we have developed innovative methods to perfectly capture each piece. From mirrors to lens concealment we incorporate all manner of techniques and equipment to capture the very best image

This inevitably means each photograph takes a lot of work. We firstly clean each piece meticulously. As every item responds best to a slightly different light set up we adjust our lighting and mirrors until we are getting the best out of the stones and metal tones. We then use mid format cameras and prime lenses and clever system called photo stacking to capture the detail from front to back. This basically means we take up to 20 separate images at different focal points. we then use a piece of software to sew them all together, creating one razor sharp image.

Each image is then sent to our editors to be carefully cut out and edited to perfection.